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Tilden Park Golf FLEX Programs

Flex members of all skill levels enjoy safe, group, hour-long golf classes, tailored to their budget and availability. With the freedom and convenience of signing-up online for a variety of specific class instruction, our Flex members can focus on the most pressing areas of their game on their schedule. This program allows each person to work on their most pressing needs in a structured setting with professionals assessing their progress for better results.  

With multiple FLEX Classes to choose from, members can work on their most pressing needs. May it be once or over and over, each class is there for all members to attend and improve. From full swing to putting, there is a class for our members enjoy.

*This program is for adults or teens age 14 or older.

How to Sign-Up

Step 1:
Select the “Buy Now” button for your plan of choice and complete your registration.
Step 2:
After completing your Flex Plan registration, go to “See Schedule and Register for Classes” to access Smarter Lessons and the Flex schedule.  If you do not have a Smarter Lessons log in, you will need to create one in order to register for individual classes.
It is best to start with one of the Set-Up Fundamentals, Swing Fundamentals, or Putting 1 classes when beginning your Flex Program.  You can ask your instructor what classes they recommend for you when starting out.  Keep in mind that you will likely repeat most classes more than once depending on how long you stay in the program.  Don’t worry, no 2 classes are ever the same and it’s helpful to have the instruction repeated for maximum benefit.
Step 3:
Enjoy your first class and begin your path to improving your game!
*Unused lessons expire at the end of each month.  They may not be carried over to the next month.
*Remember to cancel if you cannot make it to a class so that someone else may take your spot.  Class cancellations must be at least 2 hours before class time.  If more than 3 no-shows occur, members will be charged a $10 no-show fee each time after.

The FLEX Program

Instructional Pricing Plan
All pricing is a per month fee. 2 month minimum, all with easy online sign-ups.

Tune Up


Access to 2 group classes per month.

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Access to 4 group classes per month.

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Access to 8 group classes per month.

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Once you have signed up and paid for the FLEX Program follow this link to register in Smarter Lessons and book your classes

See Schedule and Register for Classes

FLEX Class Descriptions

Set-Up Fundamentals

This class will concentrate on the basics of proper grip, stance, posture, and alignment. This should be one of the first classes taken by Flex students as it is the foundation for the swing.

Swing Fundamentals

Build on your set-up fundamentals with developing a good takeaway, backswing, and follow thru. Individual swing faults will be explained and corrections will be achieved through drills and exercises.

Club Face/Swing Path

Learn how the club face and swing path affect ball flight and how to improve or change your desired ball flight. Students should take Set-Up and Swing classes prior to this class.

Long Game

This class concentrates on drivers and fairway woods. Discussion of ball position, alignment, and swing path, as well as corrections for a slice or hook. Students should take Set-Up and Swing classes prior to this class.

Putting 1

This class will focus on the basic fundamentals of putting. Grip options, proper posture, alignment, and basic speed control.

Putting 2

This class will focus on breaking putts and distance control. Goal of this class is to minimize 3 putting. Students should take Putting 1 prior to this class.


This class will work on basic techniques for pitching with wedges, using wrists, letting body rotate with swing, and consistently getting the ball in the air. Class meets on the driving range.


This class will emphasize proper technique of no wrists and using different clubs for chipping. Class meets by the putting green.

Classes may be repeated as needed to help students learn at their own pace.  This program allows each student to work on their most pressing needs in a structured way.  Our instructors will help assess your progress to ensure that you are moving through the program most effectively.  The goal is to help students improve or maintain their game with regular lessons instead of unstructured practice.
Questions?  Please email PGA Director of Instruction Trish Hinze at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



How many are in a class?

Currently classes are 2-8 students in a class. Classes with less that 2 students signed up will be cancelled.

What are the membership commitments?

Our Flex memberships have a minimum 2 month requirement.

Class cancellations must occur at least 2 hours in advance. If more than 3 no-shows occur, members will be assessed a $10 no-show each time after.

Does my month of classes start from when I join or do the classes have to be taken in a calendar month?

Your commitment of 2, 4, or 8 classes per month are on a calendar month basis, first of the month to the last day of the month, regardless of when you started the Flex membership and classes cannot be rolled over to a future month.

Do you have to take the classes once a week, in a month from when you sign up, or in a calendar month? Can you roll over classes to the next month?

One of the advantages of the Flex program is the Flexibility. The Standard Flex plans allows 4 sessions per calendar month, so whether it’s once a week or 4 sessions in one week, it’s up to students to register for their allotted monthly sessions before they expire at the end of the calendar month. There is no rollover of unused sessions.

How does auto payment work?

Our billing cycle is on the 1st of the month. Initial payment is made for the first month once the application is completed. To cancel your membership, you must send an email to PGA Director of Instructor Trish Hinze at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 7 days prior, or the 23rd of the month.

What happens when classes are cancelled?

Although infrequent, classes may be cancelled due to a number of reasons.

Inclement weather will cancel putting and chipping classes, but we may still have other classes on the covered middle level of the range if it rains. If forecasted rain is not severe, classes will most likely still occur. Instructor time conflicts or illness, and facility event time conflicts may also lead to cancelled classes. If a class is cancelled inside of 6 hours, students will be notified via phone call and email. If a cancellation is made outside of 6 hours, students will receive just a cancellation email.

Students are advised to check their email in case a class is cancelled for any reason.

Students will then need to register for another class to make up for the cancelled class.

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